• Christmas holidays 2016/ 2017

  • Please mind our and our partners' christmas holidays.
    During this time, the production will be shut down and we cannot deliver anything.

    Below we offer you a detailed list, so you can plan accordingly.

    We would be glad to provide further assistance if needed.

    Company Media Point: December 22nd 2016 - January 09th 2017

    Company Voack: December 26th 2016 - January 09th 2017
    Company Vetex: December 26th 2016 - January 02nd 2017
    Last working day of Voack and Vetex will be December 23rd. Last delivery is possible in week 51 and production will start again on January 9th (Voack)/ January 2nd (Vetex).

    Company OutDry in Italy: from afternoon December 23rd 2016 - January 09th 2017
    China offices will be open.

    We wish you and your families a merry christmas and relaxed holidays!